Bobsy - Hilton Head, South Carolina
I hit gold and Armand Cabrera is the instructor who found the vein. He did it by recognizing that we all learn in different ways_visually, tactile, experiential, and auditory.
My paintings seemed lacking in paint. He took my brush, loaded it and demo'd a stroke. Again, he loaded it, put it in my hand and said, do it, feel it. Wow,an instant insight, feeling the difference of application.
Armand's sensitivity into different styles of learning created the ah-ha. He is intense about reaching each student by his versatile approach and sensitivity to individual styles of learning.g

James - Gettysburg, PA
Great to see you again and to finally be able to make one of your workshops. My experience at the Easton workshop sent me up to another level with my painting and I'm grateful to you for that boost. I've been painting almost every day since the workshop and that too is a key element, as you say. Fantastic weather for those few days hey. Anyway, I wanted to let you know of my appreciation for your support and your teachings. Your teachings and critiques have, as I say, propelled me to my next level and my desire to continue is enhanced as well.
Thanks too for sharing some good lunchtime chats with myself and others at the Easton Workshop. Always fun to get to know each others backgrounds and mentors etc.

Steven - Naples, Florida
I wanted to say thank you very much for the wonderful workshop on Amelia Island last week. Your instruction has improved my plein air painting by introducing new and practical ways of approaching the work, and following through with a complete work with minimal brushwork (and more thought).

Throughout the many workshops I've taken, all offered a few key aspects relevant to my work which I have adopted. Most have been small tips, but your method has pulled together many aspects into a more comprehensive approach to painting.

I appreciate your dedication to the profession and the time you have spent studying the history of painting and lessons from your instructors. I previously had many doubts about painting for a living, but I am motivated to hear your past career history and adventure into painting. I would like to follow a similar path. And, I hope I may occasionally tap into your vast knowledge and experiences for guidance. Perhaps one day soon I'll be painting beside you at a plein air event.

Sue - Alamo, California

Thank you for the wonderful week at your Marin workshop. Each day was like a dream ... beautiful parks and open spaces, creative students, and an inspiring teacher. The five days of your focused instruction allowed me to gain valuable insights. I now see light and color everywhere! ... that break-through was very exciting.

I learned and absorbed so much. I feel more confident and find it easier to simplify and begin a painting ...and I have interesting strategies to finish paintings. I remember your brushstrokes and strive to be more varied in mine. During your demonstrations ... such as when you brought a tree to life ... I was moved to tears inside.

The comaraderie atmosphere that we as a group had was directly from your open and supportive style. I enjoyed our stimulating discussions.

Sandra - Ringgold, Georgia
A great big thank you to you and Armand for a wonderful week studying plein air and alla prima painting in Dawsonville. I had a delightful time. Please tell Armand thank you for the extensive CD ROM he shared with us. It is such a great gift. I learned so much from the workshop. Armand is a great teacher and shares his wealth of knowledge.
Thank you to both of you for all your energy
and work put into this time we were able to share. Great planning and very worthwhile to me.

Deni - San Rafael, California
Had a fabulous time at the workshop.
Armand is an excellent teacher... my head is ringing with ideas he has given me about how to solve some problems I was having.
What an inspiration!

Rhonda - Fairfield, California
I wanted to follow up the workshop by telling you once again I learned so much from your classes. Not only are you a gifted painter, but you have a way of teaching that is, at least for me, understandable and inspiring.

Stephen - Burlingame, California
Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your plein air classes. Watching you create a painting from the very beginning of a blank canvas has really inspired me to think about the many things that go into a great work of art.

I went out painting yesterday evening after work with the goal of mixing color to look less "chalky" and I came home with the most amazing painting. The colors are so alive and vivid! My wife "and toughest critic" thought it was the best painting I've done to date. Now I am completely inspired to paint as often as I can and I hope to join you for more classes later this year. Thanks for your insight and guidance.

Marilyn - San Rafael
I certainly had grown lazy (my most comfortable position) and I really needed a kick to get me thinking in other directions. Your class is challenging (which is so necessary) without being threatening.

Lin - Santa Rosa, California
Just want to say a huge THANKS AGAIN for the great week studying and painting with you. You are a very generous teacher--a rare quality, indeed. I think you bring the very best of everything together in your teaching-- your incredible gift as a painter, your intelligence and wide reading, great humor, and, obviously, ENORMOUS patience!
I got what I wanted out of the week (and more); think I'm finally beginning to get it re organizing and designing the big shapes. Will keep working on that and on getting more paint on my brush and canvas; then maybe I can take your August workshop in Sebastopol and be ready to learn more. The two workshops I've taken with you have been the best organized, most productive workshops I've ever taken. Your demos teach more than you can imagine. Many thanks to you and to Diane! And special thanks for the CD of paintings.























































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